Hi there! It’s Payal & Snehali – and we want to create a doll for every child! 

Payal went to shop for a gift for her darling little daughter, but struggled to find a doll that looked liked her. Payal has an older son, and up until now, her daughter happily played with “his” toys – dinosaurs, trucks, and trains. So Payal wanted to gift her daughter with something especially for her.  She thought a doll would be perfect since she likes to role play with her stuffed animals! So she scoured the internet for a doll that looked like her daughter, a brown doll! 

Since Payal’s daughter is mixed, Payal wanted to give her daughter a gift that could celebrate that South-asian piece of her . Payal did find some big name companies selling brown dolls, but they looked like the white doll with brown skin painted on. There was no personality!  Payal could customize one for $200 (but she couldn’t bring herself to pay that)! None of the dolls she found fit what she was looking for, which was a brown doll that celebrated our ethnic heritage.

While Payal was busy looking for a doll for her daughter, so was Snehali! Snehali was looking for a doll for her sassy little god-daughter. Snehali had always told her god-daughter’s parents, she wanted to be the one to buy her a doll. There were plenty of pretty dolls in the market, but none that celebrated south asian culture or looked remotely close to our skin tones. Snehali looked for almost 2 years, before settling for something, but it wasn’t what she was looking for. Now, with a daughter of her own, Snehali is determined to create something that represents her heritage. 

Clearly there is a gap in the diversity of dolls in today’s toy industry & we are here to bridge that gap. We want to promote and celebrate our culture, influence our boys and girls to explore all the colors and cultures in between the black & white.

Our first doll will be a South Asian doll.

We are currently working on our site. We are working on something special and can’t wait to show you!

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Payal & Snehali

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